Supporting Change Through Policy Evaluation & Assessment

RPA has long standing expertise in supporting public sector clients at national, EU and international levels on society’s most pressing issues.

RPA’s Society division provides decision makers with robust evidence and independent advice to find solutions for key social challenges. Our work supports the development of sustainable and just labour market policies and safer workplaces, upheld of human and consumer rights and more effective regulatory frameworks shaping the world of health and business economics.

We bring our expertise through research studies, impact assessments, evaluations, implementation and advisory support. We assist clients along the whole policy cycle. Our analysis is underpinned by robust methodological approaches, extensive evidence gathering, including stakeholder engagement and consultations, and triangulation of results to formulate findings and actionable recommendations.

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Health & Business Economics

RPA works with public sector entities to design and assess the regulatory framework across various sectors underpinned by an in-depth understanding of businesses’ challenges in meeting legal requirements whilst ensuring workers’ rights and safety are guaranteed. We work collaboratively with clients – EU institutions, national governments, businesses, trade associations, civil society organisations – to solve increasingly complex problems of efficiency, effectiveness and risk assessment and help clients take strategic decisions related to their business operations and performance.

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Social & Justice Policy

The social and justice policy work at RPA focuses on the ways in which policies meet people’s needs for equality, justice and wellbeing in the constantly evolving workplaces, communities and societies at large. Our research and evaluation studies examine how policies and legislative provisions address and respond to social, economic, demographic, environmental and climate challenges as related to skills, employment, health and human rights. Our work is underpinned by the latest data collection and analysis methodologies, scientific objectivity, applied interdisciplinary research and a collaborative and solution-oriented working approach with clients and partners.

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