Social & Justice Policy

The social and justice policy work at RPA focuses on the ways in which policies meet people’s needs for equality, justice and wellbeing in the constantly evolving workplaces, communities and societies at large.

Our research and evaluation studies examine how policies and legislative provisions address and respond to social, economic, demographic, environmental and climate challenges as related to skills, employment, health and human rights. Our work is underpinned by the latest data collection and analysis methodologies, scientific objectivity, applied interdisciplinary research and a collaborative and solution-oriented working approach with clients and partners.

Our main focus areas are:

  • Employment and social affairs
  • Equality, justice and consumer protection
  • Just transition
Group of protestors holding placards

Employment & Social Affairs

Fair and well-functioning labour markets and social protection systems ensure equal and just living and working conditions. RPA supports clients in achieving their employment and broader social policy objectives and targets whilst creating more inclusive societies. We help our clients to understand how to increase availability of and access to high-quality jobs and training programmes, demand for and supply of skills for the sustainable economies and growth, social protection systems fit for the demographic and economic challenges and work-life balance policies creating opportunities for all social groups.

RPA offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Labour market and employment policy
  • Working conditions
  • Skills, training and life-long learning
  • Vocational education and training
  • Workforce development
  • Social inclusion and vulnerable groups
  • Work-life balance
  • Provision of childcare and long-term care
  • Social protection
  • Community cohesion
  • Cultural heritage
  • Ageing societies and demographic challenges

Equality, Justice & Consumer Protection

Equality, inclusion and social justice are the key values and principles that underpin our social construct and effective policy-making.
RPA support clients in designing, implementing and evaluating policies in a variety of issues, from fostering equality and diversity in the workplaces, through providing children and young people with platforms to share their views and preferences, to strengthening community cohesion and consumer protection.

RPA offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Gender equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Democracy and rule of law
  • Human rights and children’s rights
  • Consumer rights
  • Crime and criminal justice
  • Justice models and judicial systems

Just Transition

Climate change and greening the economy are a strategic global priority. For the green transition to become reality in a climate-neutral, resource-efficient and sustainable manner, the social priorities of just and equality must prevail.

RPA offers cross-cutting social, environmental and economic expertise to support clients in achieving their just and sustainability visions and goals to ensure that no one is left behind. Our research provides robust findings and actionable insights for labour market, social protection and environmental policies. Our evaluation expertise spans across designing and assessing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for just transition, developing indicators to measure progress, and assessing just transition impacts.

RPA offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Green economy, jobs and skills
  • Transition to net zero economy
  • Greening, innovation and digitalisation
  • Sustainability, wellbeing and resilience
  • Social inclusion, equal and just transition
  • Co-creation design and stakeholder engagement