Our Approach

Our expert team is at the forefront of both European and UK policy and legislation

We are able to draw on a wealth of experience covering a varied spectrum of sectors to deliver high quality services which include:

  • Strategic analysis to assist decision makers in making the environment and society a better place.
  • Engagement in regulatory compliance, for example, with the REACH (chemicals) Regulation.
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement, including workshops, drop-in sessions, interviews and questionnaires.
  • Problem-specific methodology development and production of associated guidance.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research including systematic and comprehensive data collection, literature reviews, information evaluation and summarisation.
  • Cost/benefit analyses and ecosystem service frameworks, covering economic, social and environmental aspect.
Team of colleagues discussing work

We can adapt to additional sectors and subject areas easily with a strong in-house permanent team. This is supported when needed by a wide range of freelance academic and industry experts who regularly support our work.

We are trusted by the UK Government, European Commission, and major international companies, due to the leading reputation of our expert multinational team, our focus on quality, our independence and strong relationships and network.

Our levels of experience mean we can advise or help you evaluate policy and assess regulatory impacts in the following sectors:

All of RPA’s work is carried out to strict internal QA procedures, in line with BS EN ISO 9001.

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