Future of the Postal Sector Study

This study has been commissioned by the European Commission (DG GROW) and is conducted by a consortium comprising RPA and RAND Europe.

The objective of this study is to define several future scenarios for the development of the European postal sector over the next 10-20 years. It aims to evaluate the economic, social and environmental implications of the scenarios. This will involve investigating potential issues, challenges and market failures that could arise, mapping the potential interventions to mitigate the identified issues and developing a methodology for the estimating the potential impacts of changes to key variables on the postal sector.

We have set up a functional mailbox for this study PostalSectorStudy@rpaltd.co.uk. Please use this email address for all correspondence.

The privacy statements for stakeholder consultation under this study are available below:

A supporting letter from the European Commission can be found here.

Workshop 1

Thank you for registering and/or participating in the first workshop for the postal sector study on Tuesday 13th February 2024. The slides from the workshop can be found here.

Thank you to all participants for participating in the post-workshop survey and providing additional feedback. We are no longer accepting responses to this survey.

Workshop 2

Thank you for registering and/or participating in the second workshop for the postal sector study on Wednesday 27th March 2024. The slides from the workshop can be found here.

We will soon be launching the survey and conducting interviews.


The survey for the study can be found here.

All the documents that are referenced in the survey are also available through the links below:

The deadline for the completion of the survey is 31st May 2024.

Workshop 3

The study team will be running a third and final workshop for the future of the postal sector study. The proposed agenda is presented below:

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of the study, objective and methodology
  • Scenarios and market failures
  • The assessment mechanism
  • Policy options
  • Conclusions and closing

A Q&A session will follow each of the main points.

The workshop will be hybrid on Wednesday 26th June 2024 and will run from 10:00 to 15:30 CET.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please register here.