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In the area of chemicals, RPA is a market leader in development and application of socio-economic analysis (SEA) to chemical risk management and is particularly proud of its reputation for preparing applications for authorisation of SVHCs under REACH (both EU and UK) for industry clients.

RPA has gained extensive experience in undertaking impact assessments and evaluations, including the development of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to assess policy impacts, chemicals policy, chemical risk assessment and management.

RPA offers services on the assessment of socio-economic impacts under REACH and from the CLP hazard classification of substances that are subject to the provisions of the biocidal products and cosmetic products Regulations.

Following Brexit, RPA is offering its services also under the UK (GB) REACH legislation.


RPA has worked with industry clients since 2001 on the implications of the EU regime for chemical risk management.

We have worked closely with the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency (Echa) on the development and implementation of REACH and many other regulations relating to chemical risk management, including recent reports on nanotechnology and UN GHS. Since Brexit we have also supported the UK Government projects to support the implementation and transition to UK REACH.

Our experience covers a wide range of industry sectors including bulk chemicals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paints and coatings, oil and gas, specialty and novel chemicals (including nanomaterials), etc, and this has resulted in detailed studies on more than 50 high-profile chemicals. RPA’s multinational staff routinely work on detailed analysis and consultation with industry and regulators in most European languages.

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