Chemical Regulatory/Compliance & Advisory Support

RPA has extensive experience providing private clients with advice and bespoke solutions for chemical regulatory compliance and safety assessment. We cover REACH and CLP, the Biocidal Product Regulation, food, food contact materials, toys, cosmetics, nanomaterials, PIC (Prior Informed Consent Regulation), POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants Regulation) and Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) and more.

Recently we have been supporting public and private clients with projects related to PFAS Restriction, microplastics, nanomaterials, lead and lead-based substances, RMOAs for several policy options/sectors, biocide uses, food contact materials assessments, and chemical compliance.

  • We provide Regulatory Management Options Analysis (RMOA)
  • We carry out socio-economic analysis to assess the impact of regulatory policy options
  • We monitor substances of concern to advice clients on relevant and timely actions to comply with upcoming regulatory deadlines
  • We analyse market structures, supply chains of substances and articles inside and outside the EU, and provide strategic advice on competitive dynamics and the competitiveness of specific chemical industry sectors
  • We organise and execute communication strategies along the supply chains of specific chemical substances, typically as part of a wider study
  • We apply a wide range of specialist methodologies including statistical analysis of past incidents, consequence modelling, risk ranking, comprehensive Quantitative Risk Assessments, Monte Carlo simulations and the determination of individual and societal risks
  • We offer to review studies undertaken by authorities, industry and consultants to ensure that they have been appropriately conducted and adequately reported to an equivalent standard in line with prevailing guidance and existing assessment methodologies