RoHS Annex II Dossier – Restriction proposal for MCCP in electric and electronic equipment regulated by ROHS REF:889

Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd (RPA) is undertaking a study to support the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KemI) in the preparation of a RoHS Annex II dossier for the restriction on the use of Medium-chained Chlorinated Paraffins (MCCP, CAS No: 85535-85-9, EC No: 287-447-0) in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE).

RPA is holding a two phase public consultation to collect information on existing uses and relevant quantities of the substance, waste management and relevant emissions and exposure information and known and applied alternatives.

The second phase of the consultation is currently ongoing and intends to collect information on:

  • Management of Waste EEE that can contain MCCP
  • Releases of and exposure to MCCP throughout its life cycle (including environmental monitoring), paying special attention to emissions during service life and the waste stage
  • Alternative substances, materials or techniques, of which you are aware of, regarding their technical feasibility, availability on the market, and relevant costs for substitution.

If you wish to participate in the survey, please click here or on the link provided below. Information submitted will be handled according to a confidentiality policy, which can also be found here or in the links below.

The first phase of the consultation was completed last year and collected information on uses and quantities of MCCPs in the EU market.  If you wish to share any relevant information you can still do by filling in the questionnaire that can be found here or on the link provided below.

Supporting Documentation