Teresa Fenn

Teresa Fenn is Director (Environment) at RPA with more than 25 years of experience. She leads RPA’s evaluation and appraisal work, specialising in developing bespoke approaches and methods to enable quantification and monetisation of positive and negative impacts. Her work covers many fields including flood and coastal erosion risk management, water quality, water resources, historic environment, marine and fisheries, offshore renewables, mine water remediation and river restoration. She uses integrated approaches to appraisal to enable the wider economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits of policies, programmes, projects, schemes and funds to be captured.

Teresa particularly enjoys the challenges associated with developing new methods and mechanisms to enable a comprehensive set of benefits to be captured and used to provide a more complete basis for decision-making. This includes use of economic and statistical data to capture supply chain impacts, ecosystem services and natural capital approaches to enable environmental impacts to be included, and social frameworks and cultural benefits transfer values to pick up impacts on people and their communities. As well as on appraisal, she is experienced in developing and applying process, impact and value-for-money evaluations, including using experimental, quasi-experimental and theory-based approaches. This includes use of methods to obtain and analyse both qualitative and quantitative information to underpin evidence-based findings and inform recommendations for improvements.