Sophie Garrett

Sophie Garrett, is a principal consultant at RPA and an experienced project manager. She has a background in occupational health and safety relating to hazardous chemicals, construction, IT, marketing, defence, transport, and engineering. With a BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and an MSc in Data Mining, Sophie has a wide range of experience in data collection, stakeholder engagement, analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, developing evaluation frameworks, impact assessments and report writing both in the private and public sectors.

Recent work for the UK government includes project managing a market and supply chain analysis for five construction products for BEIS. Recent projects for the European Commission include project managing of impact assessments for DG EMPL on introducing occupational exposure limits for four substances: cobalt, PAH, isoprene, and 1,4-dioxane and on introducing welding fume into Annex 1 of the carcinogens and mutagens and reprotoxins (OELs 6); and on introducing or amending occupational exposure limits for three substances: asbestos, lead and its compounds and diisocyanates (OELs 5). Sophie was the joint project manager of a study for DG EMPL developing guidance for the safe management of hazardous medicinal products at work, including cytotoxics and responsible for the PFOA and related substances element of an impact assessment for DG ENV on introducing new Low POP Content Limits for persistent organic pollutants in waste.