Julianne Oakley

Julianne joined the RPA chemicals team in February 2022. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Forensic Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island. Prior to working at RPA, she worked for three and a half years as an analytical chemist assaying karat gold and silver based precious metal alloys. Following that she went on to work for two years in a metal finishing laboratory gaining extensive knowledge on chrome conversion coating, chrome free conversion coating and anodising.

Since joining RPA, she has focused on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) assisting with socio-economic assessments and alternatives analysis for private clients. She is also familiar with the REACH authorisation process, assisting in the submission of a number of authorisation applications and review reports. In addition, she leads on horizon scanning activities for a handful of clients. This includes regulatory monitoring for specific substances or use sectors to determine the risk of upcoming obligations.