Dave Fleet

David Fleet is a Technical Director at RPA. He has a Master’s degree in Economics and is a policy development/programme management specialist with extensive experience of working on European Commission financed projects. He has broad programme design and management experience across a number of sectors, including project and programme design and development of action plans for international development organisations and the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

David’s work at RPA has included managing environmental, economic and social impact assessments and evaluations of EU and UK government policies and programmes. Experience of particular relevance includes work with the UK government to prepare impact assessments of proposed implementing measures under the EU Energy Using Products Directive to inform the UK position at regulatory committee meetings. His work for a Defra funded research project on the effect of Business Resource Efficiency measures on employment and competition for the UK government involved working with industry representatives, companies and programmes promoting energy efficiency to identify the drivers for companies to introduce energy efficiency measures.

Most recently, David has worked with the European Commission on an impact assessment with regard to policy options for ensuring the interoperability of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, which included gathering and assessing information regarding standards for a variety of electrical equipment and charging modes.