RPA shares REACH Authorisation experiences in prominent periodical

A guest article formulated by RPA and their Authorisation associates, FoBiG, features in this month’s volume of Nachrichten aus der Chemie, the magazine of the German Chemical Society (GDCh).  Nachrichten aus der Chemie has the highest sold circulation of any journal for chemistry in Germany, reaching GDCh’s 30,000 members and approximately 50,000 other readers.

In the piece, RPA and FoBiG explore current experiences with the REACH Authorisation process and highlight some of the key points a prospective applicant should consider when formulating the Chemical Safety Report, Analysis of Alternatives and Socio-economic Analysis as part of an application dossier.

Discussing the article, Panos Zarogiannis, Technical Director for Chemicals Policy at RPA noted that “it was very interesting to give some reflection on our experiences of Authorisation to date, and to really consider the most important points that those starting out in the process should focus on” adding that, “whilst starting out on the right track is key, Authorisation in its early years is also proving to be a continually evolving process and it’s equally important that potential applicants remain well informed and keep up-to date with the latest developments”.

The article is available here (German language only)

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