RPA celebrates Employee Ownership Day 2019!

Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd (RPA) celebrates UK Employee Ownership Day – 28th June 2019

Staff of Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd (RPA) based in Loddon and London were delighted to be part of the UK Employee Ownership Day (EO Day), run by the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), on Friday 28th June 2019.

RPA is taking part in the campaign to highlight the impact of employee owned businesses on individuals and the community, following their recent transition to being an employee owned business (April 2019).  Employees at RPA want to share their experiences and engage with the broader employee owned business community to learn, develop and maximise the advantages of employee ownership.

To celebrate EO Day, on Tuesday 25th June, RPA came together in our Loddon and London offices, with Independent Trustee Alan Jennison, to share our experiences of employee ownership since our transition in April and to discuss the future, over tea and cake. Panos Zarogiannis, who has worked for RPA for over 20 years and became a Director at transition, led the celebrations with a personal overview of what the transition has meant to him and what he hopes it means for the future.

Local Loddon based cafe Spoon Cake made the bespoke cake for the Loddon team.  In London the team shared their cake with a special guest, office dog Remy!

Formed in 1990 and employing over 30 staff, the UK and European policy consultancy, who are an EDP Future 50 2019 member, is proud to celebrate employee ownership alongside others in the sector, as Matthew Lambert, Managing Director, explains:

We transitioned to be an employee owned business in April and so it is still relatively new for us as a company.  EO Day gives an opportunity to come together to reflect on how far we have come and how far we would like to go.  The co-owners have already started to discuss how we want to celebrate EO Day 2020!

Deb Oxley, CEO for the Employee Ownership Association, said:

Companies such as RPA are great examples of the economic and social benefits that can be achieved in an employee owned environment. This is why we celebrate the impacts of employee ownership on the individual, the business and the communities in which they are based.

The EOA is proud to lead the sector-wide celebrations of employee ownership on EO Day 2019, as part of our activity to raise awareness and support the growth and impact of employee ownership in the UK.”