Royal Society of Chemistry’s report ‘A Chemicals Strategy for a Sustainable Chemicals Revolution’ published

The Royal Society of Chemistry have published their forward-looking report ‘A Chemicals Strategy for a Sustainable Chemicals Revolution’.

The document provides their vision on how a future UK chemicals strategy could be shaped, and ideas for discussions amongst relevant stakeholders, such as policymakers and industry experts.

The RSC believe future chemicals strategy should be based around four pillars:

  • Education – Providing students the understanding and skills that will enable them to become scientifically literate and provide a sound basis for study and careers in a range of fields;
  • Innovation – Chemical science innovators have the power to create solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges;
  • Circular economy – New data and digital technologies enable more transparent communication, data sharing and better managed chemical supply chains; and
  • Regulation – Supporting risk-based regulation to ensure chemicals are made and used in a safe and sustainable way, which will benefit society and create a level playing field for trading chemicals and products

RPA director Meg Postle and associate Anthony Footitt assisted in the work, by facilitating the events and bringing together the outputs of various discussions, which helped the RSC to identify the four pillars and the community’s vision for a chemicals strategy.

The report can be found here.