Restriction proposal on Chromium substances coming

In a mandate from the EC, dated 27 September 2023, ECHA is asked to prepare an Annex XV restriction dossier on certain chromium (VI) substances. ECHA published the request on 11 October 2023 in a new release.

Since 2013, chromium substances are required to have a time limited authorisation to be used by industries. As time limited authorisations are coming to an end, ECHA has received more reauthorisation requests than expected and have limited capacity. In a statement released on 11 October ECHA said “evaluating the applications and concluding opinions on them would go beyond the available resources of the committees for Risk Assessment (RAC) and Socio-Economic Analysis (SEAC) and would affect their work in regulating other hazardous chemicals.”    

In response to the extensive number of applications received, the European Commission have now proposed a change in the regulatory REACH Regulation approach for Cr(VI) compounds. This would see the removal of Cr(VI) from Annex XIV Authorisation list and move the substances to Annex XVII, placing a restriction on the manufacture, use and import within the EU. Under a restriction the use of Cr(VI) compounds across Europe would be banned unless specific derogations are included in the restriction. ECHA have stated the restriction process will follow the normal procedure, including two consultation periods in which interested parties may submit evidence to inform the scope and derogations of the restriction. In a Q&A document published by EC, the Commission expects that a restriction, in best case could be adopted approximately 3 years from the receipt of the mandate by ECHA.


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