REACH Authorisation Success for Rimex Metals as Annex XIV updated

On 24 May 2017, the European Commission published their summary decision on Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd’s Application for the Authorisation of chromium trioxide as an oxidising and hardening agent in the manufacture of coloured stainless steel.

The EU REACH Committee had given a favourable opinion on the draft Implementing Decision for this application during their meeting of 16-17 March 2017.

Rimex has received the full 10-year review period they had requested.

RPA and their authorisation associates, FoBiG, were responsible for the development of the application dossier and collaborated with Rimex throughout all stages of the process.

Tim Childs, Managing Director of Rimex Metals (UK) Limited welcomed the publication of the decision.  Reflecting on the Authorisation project, Mr Childs highlighted that “it has been a long road that was able to be efficiently completed because Rimex was organised to be able to maintain momentum and because RPA gave excellent practical advice and guidance where we needed it”.

Further discussing RPA’s contributions to the project, Mr Childs highlighted that “I would recommend RPA’s exceptionally professional services without doubt”.

Panos Zarogiannis, RPA’s Technical Director and leader of Authorisation services acknowledged the successful conclusion to the project and highlighted that the key to success had been the “very close nature of collaboration between the parties involved”.

In lieu of the current update of Annex XIV of REACH, Mr Zarogiannis also lauded Rimex’s pragmatic approach to the Authorisation activities which “provide a great example of a company being well organised and facing the challenges of Authorisation head on”.

Great efforts were made by Rimex to investigate alternatives, and of particular note was the implementation of a robust monitoring campaign based on a novel methodology that had a very low limit of detection and allowed the quantification of very low risks to workersIndeed, both aspects were cited by ECHA’s Committees for Risk Assessment (RAC) and Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) in their final ‘combined’ opinion on the applicant’s Authorisation dossier”.

Are you facing Authorisation challenges?

In relation to the current update of Annex XIV, we are experiencing a surge in demand for our services and are in talks with various parties with a strategic interest in these substances, with a number of contracts signed and pending.  Should you be interested in using RPA’s Authorisation services we urge you to contact us as soon as possible.  Our expert team is able to provide bespoke strategic and scoping activities to assess your Authorisation needs.

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