Non-toxic environment study published

The study supports the Commission with its development of the strategy by providing a comprehensive overview of the state of play and by identifying gaps and deficits in the current EU chemicals policy and legislative framework in relation to the following aspects:

  • Substitution, including grouping of chemicals & measures to support substitution;
  • Chemicals in products (articles) and non-toxic material cycles;
  • The improved protection of children and vulnerable groups from harmful exposure to chemicals;
  • Very persistent chemicals;
  • Policy means, innovation and competitiveness;
  • Programme on the development on new, non/less toxic substances; and
  • Early warning systems for examining chemical threats to human health and the environment.

Each of the above-mentioned topics is the subject of a sub-study under the overall study which identifies improvement opportunities in relation to all seven sub-study areas with the ultimate goal of creating and maintaining a non-toxic environment that is free of exposures to minimise and eliminate all exposures to hazardous substances.

The report can be accessed here: