Findings from RPA’S study on human biomonitoring data is published by EFSA

Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd (RPA), together with IEH Consulting Limited (IEH) and Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL), were contracted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to review available information on human biomonitoring (HBM) studies of pesticides (or metabolites) in occupational settings, in the EU/US, and collect data from HBM studies and surveillance programmes.

A systematic review was performed of available information (from 1990 onward) from different sources in the public domain.  Information from relevant studies was extracted and quality scoring tools were used.  The information was used to write a critical review clarifying the contribution of HBM to the evaluation of potential health risks from pesticides exposure in occupational settings, and to formulate recommendations on the implementation of HBM as part of the occupational health surveillance for pesticides in the EU.

The findings from the project have now been published by EFSA in the EFSA Supporting Publications journal, the publication can be downloaded from the Wiley Online Library.