External Specialists Sales Support

At RPA, we are dedicated to evolving our sales procedures and overall customer experience to ensure continued growth and excellence. To achieve this goal, we are seeking to collaborate with an external specialist possessing expertise in enhancing our business’s products, services, and processes.

The specific requirements we seek assistance with include:

  • Implementation of an innovative sales methodology tailored for seamless integration within RPA.
  • External support for the implementation, integration, and education of RPA staff on this innovative methodology.
  • Commencement of the project by January 2024.
  • Monthly engagement over a span of up to 12 months, combining in-person and remote interaction.

We look forward to exploring potential collaborations to drive RPA’s sales processes and overall business success.

We kindly request interested parties to submit their proposals, quotes, or inquiries to post@rpaltd.co.uk, outlining how your expertise aligns with our objectives.