Embracing Employee Ownership for a thriving culture

RPA Ltd, a leading professional services consultancy, embarked on an exciting journey in April 2019 by transitioning into an employee-owned business.

This pivotal moment in our history allowed the original founders to retire, while empowering the next generation of leaders to steer RPA into its future.

At RPA, our leadership team and culture revolve around people. As a consultancy whose product is its people, we firmly believe that “People Matter,” which is one of our core values. Embracing employee ownership has provided us with a valuable avenue to foster a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Being employee-owned supports the strong sense of unity and purpose already existing within our organisation. RPA is an exceptional place to work, which enables us to deliver outstanding value to our clients. Being employee owned enhances all of this.  We recognize the transformative potential of employee ownership in driving sustainable growth, promoting long-term thinking, and establishing a lasting legacy beyond financial gains.

RPA-Employees-working-of-office-together-2What is an Employee-Owned business?

In an employee-owned business model, a significant portion or the entire company is owned by its employees. This unique structure empowers the workforce to actively participate in decision-making processes and nurtures a culture of shared responsibility, collaboration, and long-term vision.

Currently, RPA is 75% owned by its employees. However, irrelevant of ownership, our leadership team firmly believe that any company striving for an engaged team must ensure that employees have a role in sharing responsibilities, reaping rewards, and shaping the organization’s future. By prioritizing transparency, open communication, and trust, we create an environment where every voice is valued, fostering innovation, resilience, and a profound sense of pride and commitment among our team.

Employee ownership further solidifies these ideals and integrates them into our governance and processes. It also allows us to distribute up to £3,600 of profit tax-free to our co-owners, providing an additional benefit of being part of the RPA team.

Can I get in touch to discuss RPA’s Culture or Employee Ownership?


 We understand that fostering an engaged and high-performing team is of interest to everyone. Successful succession planning is crucial in any organization, and employee ownership offers an excellent crossover between these two themes. If you have questions or require guidance on this transformative journey, the RPA team is eager to share our insights and experiences.

Whether you are interested in our people-oriented culture, succession planning, or exploring employee ownership, we invite you to get in touch with one of our Directors or reach out to us at post@rpaltd.co.uk. We are excited to engage in conversations about building a thriving culture and embracing employee ownership.

Join us in creating a workplace that is fulfilling, purpose-driven, and rewards the dedication and commitment of every individual.

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