ECHA opens call for evidence on Chromium substances

Earlier in September, ECHA were tasked by the European Commission to prepare a REACH Annex XV restriction dossier on chromium trioxide and chromic and dichromic acids. See our earlier news Restriction proposal on Chromium substances coming | RPA Ltd

On 13 December, ECHA opened the call for evidence that seeks specific information from affected industries, particularly companies using Cr(VI) compounds, regarding worker exposure, risk management measures, compliance with Scientific Limit Values, and associated costs. Other stakeholders are invited to provide relevant information.

The restriction proposal will explore various options, potentially relying on Scientific Limit Values, and companies exceeding proposed limits may need to invest in risk management, adopt alternatives, or cease EU activities. The call for evidence aims to collect data for a rigorous impact assessment, focusing on costs related to risk management measures. The information gathered will be used to evaluate the effectiveness and proportionality of restriction options, considering socioeconomic impacts and the likelihood of substitution. Derogations may be considered, contingent on comprehensive justifications during the opinion-making process.

The call for evidence will close 13 February 2024 and participants are expected to provide well-justified and referenced information. The call is open to a range of stakeholders, including private companies, sector associations, laboratories, scientific organizations, NGOs, and relevant authorities from both EU/EEA and non-EU regions.

If you want to discuss the call for evidence or need assistance with submission, do not hesitate to contact RPA at for our expert chromium consultation advice. Over many years we have gathered an extensive knowledge on chromium, not least by leading the ADCR and Chromates Reauthorisation (