Stakeholder Consultation & Engagement

Engagement with stakeholders is an important part of any decision-making or policy assessment process. At RPA, we recognize the importance of stakeholder consultation and engagement in achieving robust and inclusive outcomes. We understand that effective engagement requires a deep understanding of the audience’s needs and the specific objectives of the engagement process, whether it involves discussing options, gathering input for decision-making, or disseminating research findings and final decisions.

Stakeholder engagement is a dynamic, two-way process. It involves providing stakeholders with relevant information while also collecting their opinions, views, and insights to inform our assessment, appraisal, and research work. On the other hand, stakeholder consultation tends to be more focused on obtaining expert input, filling data gaps, and reducing uncertainty by seeking evidence on specific questions. Our approach recognizes the value of expertise from technical professionals as well as individuals who possess local knowledge and experience of the environment.

With almost all of our projects requiring consultation and/or engagement, we strive to adopt approaches that best meet the needs of the stakeholders we interact with. Our primary objectives are to enhance the robustness of our research by validating assumptions through ‘ground truthing’ and to actively involve those affected in the decision-making process driving and managing change, helping them adapt to any consequential transitions.

A group of people in a meeting in an office

RPA’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of engagement and consultation techniques. We tailor our approaches to align with the unique requirements of each project and the specific needs of stakeholders and consultees involved. Our methods include direct contact through face-to-face meetings, workshops, drop-in sessions, telephone discussions, teleconferences, email communications, and questionnaires/surveys. Additionally, we develop dissemination materials suited to the target audience.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of stakeholder engagement, we leverage various media to ensure wide-reaching and effective communication. Social media platforms play an increasingly vital role in enabling us to engage with as many stakeholders as possible and provide flexible mechanisms for them to share their views in a manner and at a time that best suits them.

At RPA, we are committed to fostering meaningful relationships, promoting dialogue, and incorporating diverse perspectives into our projects. By embracing stakeholder consultation and engagement, we strive to achieve outcomes that balance social, economic, and environmental considerations while driving positive change and sustainable development