About Us

Risk & Policy Analysts Limited (RPA) is an independent consultancy with an established reputation and proven expertise in the fields of environment, economics, chemicals, EU policy and sustainability.

We provide multi-disciplinary, innovative, expert advice and strategic analysis skills, assisting both public and private sector decision makers in the development and implementation of sustainable policies. We offer a broad range of services and utilise a variety of skills in order to produce high quality, tailor-made outputs.

The work we undertake places us directly at the centre of the European legislative process, providing us with an opportunity to help ensure Europe achieves its environmental, social and economic sustainability goals. 

We pride ourselves on our leading reputation, our expert multinational team, our uniquely high standards, and our resolute ethics, all of which have cemented our strong relationships with clients which include the European Commission, UK Government & major international companies.

Find out more about our team below.

Our Approach

RPA is unique in that we are able to draw on a wealth of experience covering a varied spectrum of sectors to deliver high quality services which include:

  • Strategic analysis to assist decision makers with the development and implementation of sustainable policies
  • Engagement in regulatory compliance, for example, with the REACH (chemicals) Regulation
  • Stakeholder engagement, including workshops, drop-in sessions, interviews and questionnaires run by trained facilitators
  • Problem-specific methodology development and production of associated guidance
  • Qualitative and quantitative impact assessment (with development of scoring methodologies where required)
  • Project and policy evaluation including the use of cost/benefit analyses and ecosystem service frameworks, covering economic, social and environmental aspects
  • Systematic and comprehensive data collection, literature reviews,  information evaluation and summarisation

We can adapt to additional sectors and subject areas easily, and have a wide range of freelance academic and industry experts who regularly support our work.

All of RPA's work is carried out to strict internal QA procedures, in line with BS EN ISO 9001.

Highly regarded for our superior services by clients, contemporaries and colleagues alike

Meet Our Team

RPA has a dedicated team of accomplished economists, scientists and ecologists, all with diverse qualifications, skills and extensive experience across economics and environmental fields, supported by an experienced communications/administration team.

Team Demographics

Male/Female Ratio


Colleagues with more than ten years consulting experience


Colleagues fluent in two or more languages


Colleagues with a Master’s Degree

  • Matthew Lambert

    Matthew Lambert

    Managing Director
  • Meg Postle

    Meg Postle

  • Teresa Fenn

    Teresa Fenn

  • Panos Zarogiannis

    Panos Zarogiannis

  • Linda-Jean Cockcroft

    Linda-Jean Cockcroft

    Technical Director
  • Rocio Salado

    Rocio Salado

    Principal Consultant
  • Dave Fleet

    Dave Fleet

    Principal Consultant
  • Daniel Vencovsky

    Daniel Vencovsky

    Principal Consultant
  • Elizabeth Daly

    Elizabeth Daly

    Principal Consultant
  • Tom Persich

    Tom Persich

    Principal Consultant
  • Sophie Upson

    Sophie Upson

    Principal Consultant
  • Carl Clarke

    Carl Clarke

    Senior Consultant
  • Max La Vedrine

    Max La Vedrine

    Senior Consultant
  • James Hanlon

    James Hanlon

    Senior Consultant

    James has a PhD in Chemistry with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry with expertise in chemicals. He is also a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

  • Russell Norman

    Russell Norman

    Senior Consultant
  • Sophie Garrett

    Sophie Garrett

    Senior Consultant

    Sophie has an MSc in Data Science and BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, with expertise in analysis and project management.  Sophie has broad marketing, IT, business analysis and technical skills acquired in defence, engineering, transport, construction and sharing sectors.

  • Rebecca Johansen

    Rebecca Johansen

    Senior Consultant

    Rebecca has a BSc in Environmental Science.  She has expertise in the fields of EU policy, with a focus on the chemicals regulations REACH, CLP, BPR and PPPR.

  • Yvette Le Crom

    Yvette Le Crom


    Yvette has an MEnv in Environment, Science and Society and expertise in environmental economics.

  • Jenny Miller

    Jenny Miller

  • Hannah Collins

    Hannah Collins

  • Emma Cary

    Emma Cary

  • Jana Vencovska

    Jana Vencovska


    Jana has an MSc in Economics, a BSc in Economics and Finance and a BSc in Viticulture and Oenology. She is experienced in the fields of tourism economics and EU policy. Jana is fluent in Czech and English as well as having intermediate German and French.

  • Liam Wakefield

    Liam Wakefield


    Liam is an experienced researcher with a BA in International Relations and History. He has previously worked in Brussels as a European Policy Officer and is highly competent at policy analysis and regulatory appraisal.

  • Fabrizio Ciatti

    Fabrizio Ciatti

  • Gianfranco Anastasi

    Gianfranco Anastasi

  • Eleni Manousiadi

    Eleni Manousiadi

  • Sam Webb

    Sam Webb


    Sam joined RPA in 2019 as a Policy Researcher.  He holds a BA (Hons) in History and Politics in which he focussed largely on international affairs throughout the twentieth century. In 2018 he obtained an MA in International Relations from the University of East Anglia (UEA) with a specialism in critical and qualitative methodologies for social, domestic and foreign policy research.

    Since joining RPA Sam has primarily contributed desk-based research for various UK and EU studies such as; social attitudinal studies, the evaluation of economic development programmes, and EU chemical regulations.  His work has included the undertaking of policy reviews, programme evaluations, literature reviews, survey design, designing and conducting interviews, qualitative modelling, and NVivo assisted qualitative analysis.

  • Jessie Gardner

    Jessie Gardner


    Jessie has a PhD in Environmental Sciences and an MSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences, with expertise in biogeochemical modelling and statistics. Jessie has experience working on applications for authorisation and supply chain mapping of hazardous substances.

  • Imogen Shapland

    Imogen Shapland

  • William Chandler

    William Chandler

  • Diane Edwards

    Diane Edwards

    Head of Administration

    Diane is the Head of Administration at RPA, and she has been with the company since its inception in 1990.

  • Marco Camboni

    Marco Camboni

    Director of RPA Europe
  • Pete Floyd

    Pete Floyd

    Original co-founder