Innovation and emerging technology

Innovation and emerging technology

Both ‘innovation’ and ‘emerging technology’ have become increasingly significant bywords in both policymakers’ and industry’s vocabulary over the past two to three decades.  This has resulted in both major step-changes and minor gains in everything from products to processes keenly felt across society and the economy.  As such, continued innovation is essential for social development and economic growth, and an onus has fallen upon companies and governments to ensure its long-term promotion.

RPA has significant experience in this field, and can help your organisation work with the following new and disruptive technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Blockchain;
  • Connected and autonomous driving (CAD);
  • Adoption of new payment services and cryptocurrencies;
  • Health technology;
  • Robot automation process.

Our innovation and emerging technology team have a wide range of skills and, as a result, our areas of work in this field include:

  • Policy analysis: impact assessments; analysis of alternatives; policy writing and development; literature reviews of innovative outputs.
  • Regulatory adherence: knowledge of the key legislation and (global) regulatory environments for a wide range of relevant industries (i.e. chemicals and cyber security); ensuring compliance of new, innovative products against relevant legislation; product registration and renewal services for highly-regulated markets (i.e. REACH).
  • Consultation: decades of experience of conducting global, EU-wide, and targeted consultations in many studies; facilitating stakeholder input into areas of emerging technologies; numerous languages spoken.
  • Data analysis: Socio-economic analysis; big data; cost-benefit analysis for new and emerging technologies.

These skills have been applied to many projects in this field, for an extensive array of clients, from governments to industry bodies.  Examples of our work include the following:

  • An interim evaluation of the Secure Societies part of Horizon 2020, which looked at the innovative outputs from funding in fields like cyber security;
  • Facilitating public input into ‘challenging areas of new and emerging technologies’ as part of the Sciencewise programme;
  • Monitoring the impacts of REACH on innovation for the European Commission; and
  • Conducting an impact assessment on the charging of electric vehicles.

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