Charles James

Charles is a Consultant in the chemicals team at RPA, he holds a PhD from the University of East Anglia in the development of novel catalytic systems for use in hydrogen fuel cells and other green technologies such as batteries, water electrolysers and aerobic oxidative processes. He also holds a MChem degree in general chemistry and is experienced in a wide range of research topics in addition to his doctoral subject, including the development of conductive and functional polymers, optically active materials, sustainable biocomposite building materials and even anti-cancer drugs.

Since joining RPA, Charles has contributed his technical expertise to multiple projects including matters relating to the proposed restriction of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances across multiple industries, the restriction of bisphenol-A in food contact materials and the reauthorisation of chromates for use in the aerospace and defense industry.

Charles is committed to helping secure a more sustainable future for us all, and as such is deeply invested in understanding and promoting new technologies and actions which help reduce emissions, waste and non-renewable resource consumption.
In his spare time, Charles enjoys baking, cooking, playing chess, and learning more about the world!