In early 2019, the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee held a one-off oral evidence session in early 2019 to explore the science behind the effects of Japanese knotweed on the built environment. The report produced following the session included several recommendations, one of which was this desk-based research study.

RPA is pleased to announce that our study into International Approaches to Japanese Knotweed in the Context of Property Sales has now been published, following its peer review.

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18 Sep

Awareness of property flood resilience survey

Risk & Policy Analysts and RAB Consultants are carrying out a study for the Environment Agency on resilience to flooding. The study includes a survey to collect the views and opinions of anyone working or living in Hertfordshire, Dorset and North Lincolnshire.

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27 May

RPA's Covid-19 CO2 Emissions Savings

Covid-19 has affected all of humanity in unprecedented ways. The global pandemic has driven a global economic crisis that has resulted in mass unemployment and a looming global food shortage, with devastating famines expected in Africa. The virus has hit the most vulnerable the hardest. Refugees, the homeless and those living in slums cannot self-isolate while the elderly and other high-risk groups may have to shield themselves for many months to come. Many health systems are at breaking point and over 238,000 people (as of 3rd May 2020) have lost their lives.

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Building on its positive experiences gained in relation to the EU RMOA process, the Nickel Institute contracted RPA to undertake an assessment to explore how a select (albeit non-exhaustive) number of non-EU jurisdictions with fully developed and multifaceted chemicals management systems assess whether risk management measures are required, and if so, which options are most appropriate.

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