Cobalt and its compounds: assessing the costs of complying with potential OELs

Cobalt and its compounds: assessing the costs of complying with potential OELs

Risk & Policy Analysts (RPA) is carrying out a study for the Cobalt Institute (CI) to assess the costs of complying with potential EU-wide binding OELs.

The Cobalt Institute, which represents producers, users, recyclers and traders of cobalt and its compounds, has been following the recent pre-regulatory activity initiated by DG Employment with a view to setting up an Occupational Exposure Limit Value (OEL) for cobalt and cobalt compounds under the Carcinogens and Mutagen Directive (CMD).  This provides the context for the survey request.

The purpose of this survey is to collect data and information about current workers’ exposure levels and risk management measures, together with the risk management measures required to achieve potential OELs and their associated costs. 

The Cobalt Institute would appreciate your help in completing the survey by the 3rd of January 2020.


Responses are handled in the strictest confidence and are only used for the purposes of this study.  In preparing our reports for the Cobalt Institute (content from which may subsequently be shared by CI with external stakeholders such as the European Commission) care is taken to collate, aggregate and ensure that specific responses cannot be linked to individual companies.  No information provided by any individual company is passed on to the Cobalt Institute without the company’s specific consent.

A formal letter from the Cobalt Institute regarding these activities is available here.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Graham Pattle (+44 1508 528465

An outline of RPA's privacy statement regarding personal data and GDPR can be found here.

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