Chemicals (continued)

Chemicals (continued)

RPA’s expertise includes an interdisciplinary combination of chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental science, toxicology and economics.  Where appropriate, we have forged strategic alliances with providers of expertise in specific fields of chemical risk assessment and management which allow us to offer a wide breadth of services in several areas.  In the area of chemicals, RPA is capably placed to:

  • Prepare risk assessments according to REACH guidelines either for public authorities or for industry, for example as part of a REACH compliance strategy (Authorisation)
  • Assess the economic and social impacts or proposed regulatory interventions and policies, as well as evaluate the impact that past legislation has had on the control of chemical risks and the functioning of the internal market
  • Support industry organisations (individual companies, consortia, associations) in complying with their REACH-related obligations and developing strategies for addressing future regulatory challenges
  • Support public authorities in preparing justified and robustly costed proposals for restricting the marketing and use of chemical substances in specific applications in the EU and beyond
  • Collect, synthesise and analyse information on market structures, flows of chemicals, and articles containing them, into and out of the EU, and provide strategic advice on competition dynamics and the competitiveness of specific chemical industry sectors
  • Organise and execute communication strategies along the supply chains of specific chemical substances, typically as part of a wider study
  • Review studies undertaken by authorities, industry and consultants to ensure that they have been appropriately conducted and adequately reported to an equivalent standard in line with prevailing guidance and existing assessment methodologies

RPA’s work on chemicals is crucially interlinked with work on Enterprise and Industrial Policy, as we take a holistic view of the potential socio-economic impacts of regulatory intervention on specific industrial sectors and markets in the EU (and often beyond), along with the safety, market availability, quality and cost of consumer products.

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