Sophie Upson

Sophie Upson

Sophie Upson is a Principal Consultant at RPA.  She has a BA (Hons) Geography and MSc Climate Change. 

Since joining RPA in 2010, Sophie has provided research and analytical input to a range of studies for the European Commission, UK Government and Industry.  Her methodological expertise covers a range of tools (including ‘socio-economic analyses’, ‘evaluations’, ‘impact assessments’ and ‘fitness checks’) and she is also an expert in the use of interview and survey techniques. 

As a project manager, Sophie has successfully overseen the delivery of numerous research projects, including:

  • A 2016-18 study for the European Commission (DG GROW) to provide support to the evaluation of the Detergents Regulation;
  • A 2015-16 study for the European Commission (DG HOME) to provide an interim evaluation of the Secure Societies Challenge of Horizon 2020;
  • A 2013-15 study for the International Manganese Institute to develop socio-economic information demonstrating the economic importance of manganese metal, alloys and compounds to the global economy.

She is currently the Project Manager for an on-going evaluation of the Mortgage Credit Directive in the EU (for DG FISMA) and recently coordinated the consultation for a social research study (for UK Defra) on the post-EU Exit (“Brexit”) chemicals regime.



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