Meg Postle

Meg Postle

Meg Postle is a founding Director of RPA, with over 20 years of consultancy experience. With a background in environmental economics, she has extensive experience in undertaking economic analyses of projects, programmes and policies, and has worked internationally in Hong Kong, China and Indonesia as well as throughout the EU.

Meg has overseen and undertaken work on a wide range of impact assessments carried out for the European Commission and various national governments.

These have included, for example, resource efficiency policies (and some product level work), changes to the scope of REACH, introduction of the CLP Regulation, a regulatory definition of nanomaterials, the regulation of pesticides, revisions to the Construction Products Directive, the Noise Directive, the Sewage Sludge Directive, the Toy Safety Directive, the Directive covering the deliberate release of Genetically Modified Organisms, and the Water Framework Directive and its daughter directive on Priority Substances.



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