Linda-Jean Cockcroft

Linda-Jean Cockcroft

Linda-Jean Cockcroft is a Technical Director (Business, Industry & Growth). With almost 20 years’ consulting experience, and a focus on sustainability, REACH and chemicals regulation for most of the last 6 years, she has a unique combination of both inside-industry experience and work as an advisor to industry, including working in a number of EU countries.

In addition to consulting on REACH applications for authorisation, restrictions, evaluation and prioritisation issues, she was seconded full-time to a major French chemical company for 2.5 years where her role included Chair of DEHP Authorisation Task Force (ATF), managing the combined response of the EU phthalate manufacturers in the ATF to authorisation (the first manufacturers’ Application for Authorisation under REACH), as well as dealing with Restriction RoHS, WFD, and other EU regulatory activities.

Linda-Jean also worked for TNO on REACH issues, initiating a successful and bespoke program to deal with 2010 registration, and prior to that with EY (Ernst & Young), also in the Netherlands, for 14 years.  Linda-Jean has a solid network in industry platforms and sector group associations, and is a regular speaker at industry and other national and international REACH conferences and workshops. 

With experience and proficiency in business risk and program advisory services, Linda-Jean has a unique and useful combination of industry-based regulatory strategy experience and knowledge of the different issues faced by various stakeholders as regards the implication and impacts of REACH and EU Regulation on their business.  She is based in the UK and also works in Brussels.



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