Teresa Fenn

Teresa Fenn

Teresa Fenn is Technical Director for Water with RPA.  She has extensive experience of the application and development of cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis and multi-criteria analysis methodologies in the fields of water quality, water resources, marine restoration, flood and coastal erosion risk management, minewater remediation and river restoration.  

Teresa has previously developed methodologies for assessing the impacts (benefits and damages) to Protected Areas from measures under the Water Framework Directive, for estimating the value of groundwater as a resource and to determine if it is economically worthwhile to restore the seabed following marine aggregate extraction.  She regularly works on decision-making methodologies that utilise qualitative as well as quantitative information that are based on ecosystem services approaches and that can be used to help decision-makers choose between options in the face of uncertainty and data gaps.

Teresa is currently assisting with revising the UK Environment Agency’s Project Appraisal Guidance for Flood and Coastal Risk Management, including the development of eLearning materials, and is preparing a toolkit for assessing the benefits provided by the activities of Internal Drainage Boards (land drainage authorities).



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